Mission Statement

Thread Makes Blanket exists to provide a home for excellent writing that may otherwise have trouble finding a home.  We have no hard and fast criteria for who or what we publish, but we operate with a consciousness that too often the most necessary writing— writing by people of color, queer and trans writers, work that is political, work that is “about” something, and work that prioritizes community above the individual artist—  is less likely to be read, published, distributed, and/or legitimized.  We are here because we believe in the voices of those writers, those communities, and the lesser known histories that their works call forth.  We are not about empty, pretty things.

We see each publication as an opportunity to embark on a collaboration with the artist or artists to give their project the backing it deserves and find the readers it is intended to reach.  We believe that the process of publishing is as important as the final product and we seek to engage with our artists in a way that is supportive to their vision, creative in its means of distribution, and anti-capitalist in its intentions.


Many people contribute to the work that TMB does, but it is led by these two primary obsessors:

Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela is a writer, professor and sometimes DJ. Her writing has been recognized by The Leeway Foundation, Hedgebrook and others, and has been published in Make/shift, As Us Journal, The Rust Belt Rising, APIARY, Aster(ix), Solstice, Big Bell and elsewhere. She is a VONA and LAMBDA fellow and is currently working on editing the 2015 Lambda writing fellows anthology. She teaches at the Community College of Philadelphia. @marissajv

Nico Amador is a writer, community organizer and educator who lives in Bristol, Vermont by way of Philadelphia and San Diego.  His poetry has been published in Poet Lore, Nimrod International Journal, MiPOesias, Plenitude, and APIARY Magazine.  As an editor and reader, Nico has worked on Dismantle, the second edition of Nomad of Salt and Hard Water by Cynthia Dewi Oka and The Summer We Got Free by Mia McKenzie.  Nico is also a founding member of the Rogue Writing Workshop in Philadelphia.

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