We are excited to announce our next publication: Blackness: A Definition Story, a chapbook by Kirwyn Sutherland!

And, to add greatness to greatness here, the book will be edited by acclaimed poet, essayist and cultural critic Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib!

Blackness: A Definition Story documents a battle with language; how one communicates injustice and the ways in which wording and rhythm must change when questioning oppressive systems and historical “facts,” and when questioning the self. The poems follow shifts in the poet’s relationship to blackness– from trying to lend his voice to revolt, to his resignation to the reality of what American freedom means and reckoning with the systems the poet is expected to trust, and, ultimately, to forging a new personal and political path. Blackness: A Definition Story is a pivot from anti-blackness to an embrace of blackness as nascent, as birth.

Kirwyn Sutherland is a Poet and Clinical Researcher whose work seeks to interrogate and push against systems of oppression that subjugate black people while constructing a future blackness which is personal, vulnerable, aware, and ready. Kirwyn is a fellow of The Watering Hole Poetry Retreat and his work has been published in APIARY Magazine, BlueShift Journal, Drunkinamidnightchoir, Bedfellows Magazine and elsewhere. Kirwyn has served as Poetry editor for APIARY magazine and is currently serving as book reviewer for WusGood Magazine and a reader for Gigantic Sequins Magazine.





Kirwyn is a brilliant poet and performer whose work we have admired for many years, and Thread Makes Blanket is committed to producing a print and digital publication that honors his work. We are currently assembling a team of people to work on this project. If you are interested in helping and are in the Philadelphia area, please reach out. Another way you can contribute is by making a donation or connecting us to people who will. We are about to embark on a fundraising campaign to help fund our next two publications and we would greatly appreciate any assistance.