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All of these events are detailed on the events page:

September 10th, Cynthia Dewi Oka reading as part of the State Street Reading series in Media, PA

September 15th, Cynthia Dewi Oka reading as part of the Housework at Chapterhouse series in Philadelphia

September 15th-17th, Thread Makes Blanket will have a book table at Philalalia, the annual small press book fair at Temple U.

September 17th, Thread Makes Blanket is a sponsor for the closing reception for Philalalia. This event is titled: I Wonder What                                      Else Could Be Different Around Here and features unique readings by Yolanda Wisher, Dick Lourie, Natalie                                        Diaz, Christian Campbell and many more. 6-10pm at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia

September 23rd, Thread Makes Blanket and founder Marissa Johnson-Valenzuela are featured as “The Poetics of Self                                                       Determination Movements,” a conversation with poets and publishers about the historical intersection of poetry                                 and social movements. 6:30-8:30pm at Slought Foundation, Philadelphia. The event will begin with a                                                   presentation by Mark Nowak about the historical intersection poetry and social movements, followed by a panel                                 of Marissa Johnson Valenzuela, Anthony Romero, Mariame Kaba, and Sam Gould. The program will also                                             celebrate the release of three books published in conjunction with Organize Your Own, including a project                                             catalogue (published by Soberscove and edited by Anthony Romero, based on the exhibit and event series                                             curated by Daniel Tucker) and two books of poetry (Society Edition’s Time of the Phoenix and Thread Makes                                       Blanket’s poetry by Anna Martine Whitehead). We will also be joined by catalogue designer Josh MacPhee and                                   publisher Julia Klein.