Winner of the 2016 Anzaldúa Poetry Prize, Nico Amador’s chapbook Flower Wars is now available from Newfound press.

“Nico Amador’s language is luminous and intimate. He’s pared down his lines to essential syllables, which sing and shine. His work reminds us that every path in life is strewn with dolor and shadows. Sorrow sings and shines, too. Yet, after reading these poems, I felt less lonely—I felt more alive. The poems in ‘Flower Wars’ are memorable, beautiful, and curative.”
–Eduardo Corral

“Nico Amador’s ‘Flower Wars’ showcases lithe, lively syntax, in which deceptively casual language magically takes on metaphoric reach and emotional depth. The voice here is honest, earnest, patiently determined to articulate living, complex truths about the self, about love, about commitment in a dangerous world in which ‘Somewhere, / small things [are] / being killed, quietly.’ Attending to and creating that quiet is one of Amador’s greatest gifts: in his lines, the hardest subject matter softly starts to sing.”
–Joy Ladin